Every piece of work is inspired by nature in all its beauty and stark reality, whether delicate or savage.  I draw and paint constantly and collect materials from the natural environment both home and abroad, and I photograph everything that piques my interest for use in future pieces.  Every minuscule detail of the world around me is my inspiration.

Photographs (left to right): the warm orange and green tones of bark, Japanese cherry peel, lichen.

I am very much a mixed-media artist and designer; I love exploring new techniques and materials, particularly if they are entirely natural and can be returned to the Earth once the lifetime of a piece of work has come to an end.

I often incorporate man-made elements into my work, most of which are sourced from discarded objects or mechanical processes. These include steel ball-bearings, glass anti-bumping granules and various embellishments recycled from unwanted garments.

The incorporation of such elements alludes to the contamination of the beauty and fragility of nature by the influence of Man, which is so often negative.