Environmentally sustainable, handmade designs

Winner of the Ingle and Rhode Fairtrade Gold Design Awards 2017.

Shortlisted for Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation Scholarship 2016.  

Website to follow shortly.

Delicate and contemporary jewellery, sculpture, interiors and installation adeptly handcrafted from both natural and reclaimed or recycled materials. A plethora of inspiration is provided by nature in all its beauty and savagery, and from its precarious juxtaposition with the man-made.  Every piece is made with its future deconstruction in mind; each element can be broken down and used again, returned to nature or recycled.

All silver pieces are made from ecosilver which is recycled from scrap.

More work and processes can be viewed at:


Nestled: a sculptural piece composed of the shed bark of silver birch, chamomile flowers, cherry seeds, twigs, fallen feathers, remnants of bamboo yarn and reclaimed ball-bearings.
Safe and Warm: ornamental piece constructed from hand-knitted bamboo yarn remnants, twigs, recycled polyester thread, Galium aparine burrs, cherry seeds, dried grasses and reclaimed beads, ball-bearings and metal embellishments.
Fragile Beginnings: ornate sculpture of eggshell veneer with gold leaf detail, encircled by dried grasses, chamomile flowers, fallen autumn leaves, reclaimed metal embellishments and the redundant seed pods of Lunaria annua.

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